Correcting tooth misalignments

with the Invisible Braces "Invisalign" for an even and bright smile

schönheitschirurgie 3D planungAlready in 2001 Prof. Troedhan was the first certified physician in Austria to introduce invisible braces for adolescents and adults in order to treat tooth misalignments without annoying wires.  A further advantage is that you can see the expected result in a 3D simulation before the treatment on the basis of completely digital planning. As well, the expected duration of the treatment is known already before the tretament starts.

The treatment process
Impressions of your teeth arches are sent to the Align Technology Inc. in Silicon Valley/USA and "translated" into an exact computer simulation of the actual state. A lifelike simulation of the entire treatment is then carried out on the computer and the result transmitted via Internet to your Centre for Facial Aesthetics. You will receive the individual treatment steps, treatment duration and the result as a video simulation by email. After your final approval of the treatment, the transparent orthodontic aligners are manufactured by Align Technology Inc., which, with the exception of the time for food intake and dental care, are worn ALL DAY and exchanged every 14 days for a new aligner of the treatment sequence.

Important information for your treatment decision

No matter in which way your teeth are moved into a perfect position (children's braces, conventional wire braces or invisible braces), at the end of the treatment a so-called "retainment" (holding the tooth position) for lifetime must take place, otherwise the teeth will "move" back into the old position over time. For the lifelong stabilization of the tooth position and simultaneous protection against the increasingly frequent grinding of teeth at night, our master dental technician manufactures robust stabilization aligners, which you should always wear during night.

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