Healthy gums

The new epidemic plague "periodontitis" damages the whole body

parodontose parodontitis mundhygiene vorbeugung

Prevention is better than cure! For this reason Prof. Troedhan determines your individual periodontal risk, and Mrs. Mirela Kecanovic (Diploma Periodontal Assistant of Prof. Troedhan) then carries out prophylactic treatments individually tailored for you. With her many years of experience and expertise as a DPA, Ms. Kecanovic finds every hidden corner where plaque begins its destructive work and ensures healthy gums. A recurrence of periodontal disease after a successful periodontal treatment can only be prevented with a consistent individual oral hygiene at home and professional accompanying treatment (regular professional oral hygiene sessions). Always remember: Periodontitis is an infectious disease and can recur at any time like any cold.

Ultrasound and laser have replaced periodontal surgery

If the protective barrier to the jawbone has already been partially broken by chronic gum inflammation (bleeding gum pockets), inflammatory tissue, bacteria and tartar under the gums must be removed with ultrasound or laser. This method is called ultrasound deep scaling. It is used when the gum pockets are deeper than 4mm and have already dissolved the jawbone. Of course, this periodontitis treatment (ultrasound Deep Scaling) is painlessly performed by DPA Mrs. Kecanovic with the most modern ultrasound equipment. Only in rare cases and then only for single teeth, periodontal surgery with jawbone reconstruction is sometimes necessary.

For particularly deep bone pockets, an additional chlorhexidine platelet ("periochip") is inserted, which prevents new infection immediately after treatment.

Dental implants in particular must be cleaned regularly

Since dental implants must have a rough surface for better anchoring in the jawbone, they are even more susceptible to infections with pathogenic bacteria than natural teeth. Implant users should therefore carry out prophylactic treatment (oral hygiene) 3-4 times a year and examine the periodontal condition of the adjacent teeth and have them treated if necessary.

Prophylaxis - oral hygiene - tooth bleaching

mundhygiene mit ultraschall und laser

Professional prophylaxis

Your Centre for Facial Aesthetics offers you comprehensive and individually tailored programmes for the prevention of gum disease and the improvement of dental aesthetics at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Regular professional oral hygiene treatments will give you a healthy and radiant smile.

zahnaufhellung home bleaching

Tooth whitening "Home-Bleaching"

The advantage of teeth whitening with whitening splints made individually by the master dental technician is that you can repeat the whitening treatments regularly without high costs (you only have to buy the whitening agent). In addition, the splints also serve as carriers for regular tooth fluoridation.

zahnaufhellung in office bleaching

In office tooth bleaching

The currently most effective tooth whitening method is "bleaching" with laser, which can only be performed in the dental office: this achieves the best possible whitening result. Please keep in mind, however, that stimulants (tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juices, smoking, etc.) will discolour your teeth over time again.