On request all treatments in general anaesthesia

zahnbehandlung implantate in narkose

Since 1994, Prof. Troedhan has been offering very anxious and pain-sensitive patients extensive restorations of teeth and periodontosis as well as all bone reconstruction operations and the placement of dental implants under general anaesthesia (often erroneously referred to as "twilight sleep"). Patients are kept in "flat" sleep by means of neuro-monitoring, in which only consciousness and pain sensation are switched off. The anaesthesia is of course performed by an external anaesthesiologist with many years of experience in outpatient anaesthesia and charged directly to him.

In the focus:  v.Prof. OA Dr.Dr. Angelo Troedhan

implantate knochenaufbau kosmetische gesichtschirurgie

Prof. Dr.Dr. Troedhan is a full-time specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, specialising in traumatology and reconstructive facial surgery. He works at the Department of Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics of the Wilheminenspital in Vienna and at the hospital of the Barmherzigen Brüder in Eisenstadt. As a visiting professor he teaches and researches at the Health Science University Vientiane and Alexandria University in the field of digital 3D diagnostics and surgical planning, oral and ultrasound surgery and dental implantology and is a member of the International Biomaterial Experts Group for the development of synthetic bone graft materials. In Vienna he is the Chief Medical Officer of the Center for Facial Aesthetics with focus on 3D diagnostics and 3D surgical planning, cosmetic surgery of the face, ultrasonic jaw bone reconstruction and tooth-conserving surgeries, dental implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry.

Piezotome-Surgery - the new Gold-Standard

Whether nose- or chin-surgery, tooth removal, bone augmentation or dental implants: compared to antiquated methods with drills, drills and bone chisels, ultrasound surgery allows virtually wound-free operations with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. The advantages for Prof. Troedhan's patients: a significantly lower risk of complications during the surgery (e.g. nerve injuries and bleeding) and significantly less pain and swelling after the surgery. Prof. Troedhan and his research team published the first clinical study on this subject already in 2011 and his results have since been confirmed several times by other international research group.

Publication by TKW-Research-Group 2011  | external link

sofortimplantat ultraschall zahnentfernung

Ultrasound tooth removal

With ultrasound surgery, the days when teeth had to be removed with hammers, chisels, bone cutters and forceps are over. Almost without a wound, teeth, broken tooth roots and wisdom teeth are loosened with ultrasound and then removed effortlessly. Significantly less post-operative pain and swelling and other uncomfortable sequelae are the result.

sinuslift knochenaufbau intralift


The ultrasound sinus lift developed by Prof. Troedhan and his research team enables bone augmentation in the lateral upper jaw via a 2.8 mm access to the maxillary sinus floor. The jaw bone is then augmented with synthetic artificial bone and in 5-9 months the bone has regenerated (depending on the augmented volume).

kiefer knochenaufbau knochendehnung ultraschall

Ultrasound bone-widening

Using ultrasound scalpels, the jaw bone, which is too narrow, is separated into two halves without loss of blood and then stretched to the required width. In most cases, the dental implants can be inserted immediately into the widened jawbone. Synthetic artificial bone completes the bone structure widened to the original dimensions. Healing time: 4-6 months