Minimal invasive oral surgery

Surgery with ultrasound is almost woundless

zahnchirurgie kieferchirurgie weisheitszahn wurzelresektionWisdom teeth: very often it happens that the third molars (= wisdom teeth) do not have enough space in the upper and/or lower jaw and therefore cannot break through at all or only incompletely at the age of 18-21 and therefore have no chewing function. Often the wisdom teeth lie horizontally instead of vertically in the jaw during the development and can therefore not fit into the dental arch even if there is sufficient space in the jaw. If acute or chronic complaints occur, wisdom teeth must be surgically removed. If no discomfort occurs, removal is not necessary, but regular X-ray examinations should be carried out.

Root tip resection ("root resection"): under local anaesthesia, the gums around the painful tooth are slightly folded away and the purulent root tip and the inflamed bone are removed with ultrasound. The root canals are cleaned again, disinfected and sealed tightly with a root cement. The gums are sutured. If the suppuration of the root tip has already destroyed much jaw bone, synthetic bone-graft should be used to improve the chances of healing.

Jaw cyst surgery: if a root duct at the root apex has already extensively hollowed out the jaw bone, the jaw cyst is removed completely and precisely with ultrasound.

Painless tooth removal without jaw-bone destruction with ultrasound

Since teeth can be preserved in modern dentistry for a very long time, the final removal at the "end of life" of the tooth is all the more difficult. Until now, the jaw bone around the tooth had to be milled away or the jaw bone had to be broken away with chisels in order to remove the roots. A large loss of jaw bone was the result, which led to complicated bone augmentation operations in order to be able to place dental implants later. Not so with ultrasound surgery: ultrasound applicators can loosen and remove teeth and broken root-remnants - without damaging the jawbone - and in many cases dental implants can be inserted at the same time.

Ultrasound Piezotome-surgery: the new gold-standard

From tooth removal to complex maxillofacial procedures for bone augmentation and cosmetic surgery, Prof. Troedhan has set new standards with his "Piezotome Surgery", which is less complicated, less invasive and less painful.  The ultrasound surgical procedures developed by him for bone augmentation in combination with modern self-hardening synthetic bone avoid very complex and highly riskful traditional surgeries, so that the overall treatment can be completed more quickly, with significant less pain, more  reliable and without impairing normal life and implants can often be placed simultaneously.