The first step is a precise diagnosis and clarification of the treatment options

The exact knowledge of your treatment options makes the decision easier  !

schönheitschirurgie 3D planungAfter a complete clinical examination of the oral, maxillofacial and facial areas including the findings in a 3D-CBCT-scan, a treatment plan will be worked out with you, which includes the mandatory medically indicated treatments as well as your personal wishes with regard to aesthetics and cost-dependent quality of care.

All treatment steps and surgeries are planned and tested on your individual 3D-CBCT simulation model prior to their implementation in order to achieve the greatest possible reliability of treatment and results.

Please keep in mind that periodontal treatments, dental implants, bone reconstruction surgeries, cosmetic nose corrections, chin corrections, eyelid liftings, fixed crowns and ceramic bridges as well as white fillings are not covered by the general health insurance of the state of Austria. In case You own a private general health and/or dental-health insurance, please check cost coverage before.

Nothing in medicine is without risk!

During the consultation you will also be informed in detail about all risks of the necessary or desired treatments and about treatment alternatives. Please bear in mind that unlike promises in popular health magazines, "Dr. Google" and in sensational TV shows, medicine can never promise 100% success, since the success of treatments depends above all on the healing ability of your body, which could be impaired by other basic diseases of general medicine (diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer-therapies). However, the most modern treatment methods, such as ultrasound and laser surgery, help to significantly reduce the risks of failure and accelerate healing.

But don't believe the miraculous promises that you can do highly complex treatments for a tip during lunch break, your biology will then unfortunately avenge itself with long sufferings, as numerous cases from the current press and patient fates by treatments in neighboring countries sadly prove. Sometimes simpler treatment options with health insurance support can lead to greater satisfaction than supposedly cheap complex treatments that cause irreparable damage to your mouth and face in the long term.

The treatments you want must be compatible with real life as well

If the treatment and treatment cost plan is approved and you feel sufficiently informed about all risks and treatment alternatives, all appointments will be made in cooperation with you, so that you can also estimate how long you may need recovery at home and when the treatment will be completed. The long-term success of the treatment also lies in the personal responsibility of each patient: only if the medical recommendations for home care and regular follow-up examinations are followed the long term success of the treatment can be lasting.

kinnkorrektur nasenkorrektur lippen unterspritzen

cosmetic surgery

An exact consultation about the possibilities and limits of realizing your cosmetic wishes helps you to avoid unrealistic ideas and expectations. Medicine can "mask" the aging process, but cannot stop it.

mundhygiene parodontose parodontitis zahnfleischschwund

oral health

The basis for healthy and firm teeth and implants is a healthy jawbone and healthy gums. Therefore, every treatment begins with an effective treatment of periodontosis or a preventive treatment.

weisse zaehne kronen zahnfüllungen

a bright smile

The aim of every treatment is that you leave the surgery with a bright smile. Prof. Troedhan also recommends that you follow the instructions for home oral and facial care so that your radiant smile will last for a long time.