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Teeth, gums, mouth and face are our points of intersection with the outside world. To have a good quality of life you need a healthy and complete dentition, inflammation-free gums and a healthy temporomanibular joint. Moods and habits: A person's entire personality is reflected by his/her teeth, mouth and face and is therefore at the centre of aesthetic focus.

Mouth and face are the most important "interfaces" to the outside world

Last but not least, sick teeth, diseases of the jawbone or temporomandibular joint, but above all chronic gum inflammations are the cause of chronic deseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the blood vessels, the heart or muscles and joints. Inflammatory processes on teeth, gums and jawbones significantly increase the risks of premature births, heart attacks and joint diseases - and this has now become established medical knowledge. However, conventional dentistry is now obsolete and there is an urgent need for a holistic dentistry, including oral surgery and facial surgery, which takes all these factors into account in the context of general medicine! As a certified general practitioner and double specialist with comprehensive general medical training and international experience, Prof. Troedhan focusses on the assessment of your holistic well-being.

Holistic medicine requires not only decades of experience but also the most modern diagnostics

In addition to the claim of being able to offer you diagnostics and treatment options of the highest international standard and beyond through Prof. Troedhan´s own research and development, we also want to make your stay in our centre as pleasant as possible with short waiting times and a living room atmosphere.


feel-good ambience

Even if the waiting time for your appointment with Prof. Troedhan is very short: our comfortable seating groups with bar invite you to stay. In summer, the sun terrace is also available for summer relaxation.


the surgery room

Prof. Troedhan, one of the "founding fathers" of modern piezotome surgery, has been using practically only ultrasonic surgical procedures since 2005. The most modern laser systems are also available for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.


periodontal treatments

Nowadays, modern and effective periodontal treatment is rarely performed surgically. Here, too, ultrasound and laser systems guarantee optimal treatment success almost painlessly and oral-hygiene guidance confirms long-term health.