was founded in 2005 for clinical research and development of minimal invasive surgical techniques.

Ethical and medical considerations demand minimal invasive surgical treatments especially in oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology with least risk of failure. Ultrasound technology for guided bone-management and biological implant designs are the key.

Prof.Dr.Dr. Angelo Troedhan (AT), Prof.Dr. Andreas Kurrek (DE) and Prof.Dr. Marcel Wainwright adopted ultrasound technology from the very first beginning and teamed up to investigate it´s advantages in clinical studies and to set evidence-based new surgical gold-standards.



The most atraumatic sinuslift with the least risk of sinus-membrane perforation

Our first development was a revolutionary ultrasonic hydrodynamic technique for sinus-floor-elevations that will replace classic surgical sinuslift-procedures in the future.This application was developed in cooperation with Satelec-ACTEON/FR for the Piezotome.


TKW Crest-Splitting and horizontal distraction

using the innate biology of natural bone-fracture healing

Our latest development is a revolutionary technique for splitting and widening narrow alveolar crests that will replace classic surgical procedures in the future. This application was developed in cooperation with Satelec-ACTEON/FR for the Piezotome.


Q-Implant system

The Q1-implant was the first implant-type for immediate loading with still unmatched primary stability in bone.

The more surgical and prosthetic steps in the workflow, the higher the risk of errors and complications. We kept surgical and prosthetic steps as simple as possible for the implantologist and his dental technician, featuring the unified grindable Q-Cone-abutment for all types of Q-Implants (Q1, Q2, QK, QZA). From insertion to prosthetic treatment the Q-implants come as close to a natural teeth prepared for crowns as possible.


The TKW Research Group (Prof.Dr.Dr. Troedhan, Prof.Dr. Kurrek, Prof.Dr. Wainwright) dedicates their passion for science research as executive board members of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY FOR ULTRASONIC SURGERY & IMPLANTOLOGY 

and teach the new gold-standards of oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental implantology worldwide

Contact Prof.Dr.Dr. Troedhan

Prof.Dr.Dr. Troedhan runs a private clinic for cosmetic facial surgery and dental implantology in Vienna - Austria.

Contact Prof.Dr. Kurrek

Prof.Dr. Kurrek runs a private clinic for dental implantology in Dusseldorf - Germany.

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Prof.Dr. Wainwrightis is consiliary specialist for dental implantologyin dental offices in Germany and Switzerland

More developments by TKW coming up in the near future

Surgical protocols and live-surgery-videos

Surgical protocols and live-video-surgeries